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In a Nutshell

We’ve used the DataBlox Framework to build solid foundations for several online business allowing their business to thrive. It’s the building blocks for systems along the lines of Patient Remittance Systems that support all aspects from Administration to Clinics & Providers to Patient Level Dashboards.

Using the DataBlox Framework we also create elaborate course testing systems that allows admins to create and control entire course materials such as messages, documents, FAQs, links, videos, testing, reporting and a built grading system.

In addition to creating elaborate front-end / back-end systems for several industries, we’ve also created many registration and calendaring systems primarily used on paint and sip sites that require event creation and management along with full attendee control, reporting, page management, categorized gallery management and much more.


Some Featured Elements

Amazing Features Allowing Full Control of Your Business and Much More

Full System Control

Whether it’s the Admin, User, Client or system dashboards, you will have complete and full control of every aspect of your system that you need. Because we design your system based on your exact needs and around your day to day business, your business can easily manage all sales, attendees, courses, patients, users, events or anything your particular business has to deal with online. We go the extra mile and when asked, come up with unique and fluid logic flows that help your business succeed.

Packed With Features

The online systems we build are packed with features that suit your daily business needs and areas that allow your work day to be easy. From members, attendees, clients, history, reporting, site control or automated notifications and much more, we’ll create a system that will have every feature you need to be able to conduct your business exactly the way you want with room to grow in the future. We build all of our online systems with the most recent technology in regards to both coding language and database.

Room For Growth

Add on a new function or ability into your current system ? Absolutely not a problem! – We create our systems with the future in mind, meaning that our systems do not paint you into a corner, but instead we create systems that allow you to grow and change as needed as time goes on. Add new functions and abilities as time goes on and allow your business to stand out amongst your competitors. Have a new idea and want to implement it the answer is absolutely YES, you can!

Helping Other Businesses

Using DataBlox as a Framework Allows Your Business to Run Exactly The Way You Want

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